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Originally Posted by K3N R3D View Post
So what if the M3 weighs 3,700 lbs. Do you guys realise thats only 50 pounds more than EU spec? So the EU M3 is 3,649 lbs. Ohhhh what a big difference!!! I guess it will go 0-60 in 4.85 seconds now. Its not like the M3 was light to begin with. If it was 3,600 lbs it would still be a heavy car.

That's like paying $3,700 for a killer audio system vs $3,649. The numbers play tricks with our perception.

Oh well the M3 is 3,700 lbs I guess I better buy a Audi RS4 instead. Opps thats right...the RS4 weighs just as much.
It still could be some differing specs that make up some of the difference as well. But even if not, I know you are basically right. I have made similar arguments about stressing over which options you get to save 10-80 lbs. It simply makes no difference. I guess my problem is two fold. One, I got used to the car being 1655 kg (3650 or so) and falsely assumed these days in the US the weight we would see would be much closer than 50 lb more. Two, I am not taking well the just exceeding 3700 lb, a sort of round number/psychological barrier. Oh well we'll all live and never notice the difference.

It is amazing all of the low weight and low moment of inertia efforts that BMW put into the car to still end up at 3700 lb. CF roof, no sunroof, CF bumpers, plastic fenders, hollow axles, hollow engine components, hollow this, hollow that, almost all aluminum suspension and much of the subframes aluminum, lighter engine overall, etc. I think I heard the number quoted somewhere as to how much the car woudl have weighed if BMW had designed it more like the E46 M3 or 335i. It must have been 3900 at least.