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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
Hey chief, just because YOU don't understand why your statement is ironic...

And you keep focusing on my avatar, calling me ugly, etc, etc... For starters, you don't even know that it's me. Secondly, it IS me, but the entire purpose of that picture is to be ugly. It is designed to look stupid. I'm ok with it. I wouldn't have posted it if I wasn't. I know that it's not an accurate representation of my looks. But you've got a lot of room to call people ugly, I'm sure.... because we all know that cell phone software engineers all double as Calvin Klein models on the weekend, right? Better check the mirror before judging others, chief.
And again...I mentioned SW, monkey immediately connects it with me being a SW engineer. You're an easily trained monkey, too... No, I am not a SW eng, wish I was though...

As for your picture, you also have a short memory, forgetting that you postes numerous pictures on this site... Yes, you're damn ugly...