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Originally Posted by centexm3 View Post
interesting thread - im in the same boat - .. i really love the way the 996 turbo's look - and performance speaks for itself - .. but the maitenance really scares me - ... it would be my daily driver - and i just dont know how it would hold up - i put about 18k a year on a car - .... o well - im a while off - because im going to wait till the new m3's actually GET to the state before i make any real decision .
Turbo's are relatively reliable, but as the miles increase so do potential expensive problems. High mileage turbos suffer huge hits in their resale values. A 5-6 year 996 turbo with over 70k on the clock might only return you about $43,000 from a price new of $125,000, or more.

A freind of mine had a two year old Cayenne with about 65k on the odometer. The best trade in he could get was $35,000. It was $105,000 new. He buys cars frequently and knows how to negotiate a deal. Granted, it was wholesale, but he couldn't sell it retail, either. And, I know of a guy, who sold his '05 997S ($88,000 MSRP) for $50k with 38k on the odometer, because he couldn't do any better. These prices dropped severly due to miles.

So, if anyone here is considering a 996tt, get the car CPO'd if possible and don't use it as a daily driver.