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Originally Posted by Pancho View Post
The decision depends on the expected use of the car. If you want a daily driver that can give you a high level of adrenalin when you want it but also comfort and practicality when needed then certainly I will go fo the M3. If you want the car only for weekend use to exploit all its abilities then go for the Turbo. I personally had a 911 Carrera 997 and decided to change for an M3 E92. I made an excellent decision. I really got tired of the Carrera as my daily car. It is not practical, getting in and out is troublesome, the ride is stiff, clutch is hard, if roads are not good then it becomes worse. Also the M3 will retain its value.

I thought the 997, too include any variety, was a great DD, however, I understand if you didn't like the stiff ride and difficulty getting in and out.

Personally,those things didn't bother me at all. (In fact, I feel that the 997tt is too soft; in Porsche's attempt to attract some of those rich MB posers.) I like knowing that I am in a sports car. There is something to be said for a minimally compromised sports car feel.