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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
What you fail to understand, chief, is that I know all about the benefits of working for a Fortune company. I'm explaining to you, simpleton, that it's not an impressive claim to say you work for one. You're not special for it. You're still just as boring and unintelligent as ever.

In case you hadn't noticed, people around here aren't sticking up for you... Are you still so sure you've 'proven' anything about anyone, at all?
Ah, well, I could bring people to stick up with me, but I am not a sissy like you monkey...
The actual thing is that you know nothing about working in a real world, but you believe strongly you do...

As for the proofs -- I've simply proven that anything you claimed just showed how empty you are and how much you think you know and how much you over-value yourself... You never shoved the opposite. You're just like a toy that rewind and it keeps saying the same crap over and over...and that is your proof. School would teach you the opposite -- try it...

Anyway, enough of this "you're a monkey, no I'm not" stuff, it is not fun any more. The simplest proof that you would even understand is for you just to look at the mirror...or that picture on this board...

If you cannot debate (what this thread is all about -- Hilary good or not, W bad or not), then go to other thread. I never pointed out your stupidity just because you believe that Bush is the greatest thing ever happened to this country, but I can debate you on that all day long...