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Originally Posted by enfield View Post

I am a judge of what I have done because I have been hanging out with me all the time and I know everything I have done.

Sure - run away. That is what people do.

But - before you run away. Why did God let Noah curse the innocent Canaan (- who did not see Noah's privates??)
During that passage Noah is conveying not only a cursing, but a prophecy. Noah foresaw that the moral flaws shown by Ham would be fully manifested in Canaan and in his offspring. Knowing this, the curse of God falls upon the Canaanites because of the sinfulness Noah foresaw. The Canaanites would be cursed because of their sin, not due to Ham's. I think this explains why Canaan is cursed and not Ham, or the rest of his sons. Canaan will most reflect the moral flaws of his father, and the Canaanites will manifest these same tendencies in their society. Because of the sinfulness of the Canaanites foreseen by Noah, the curse of God is expressed. In life, offspring often carry out the same traits as their parents, which are passed down from generation to generation. It seems that Noah understood that Canaan’s descendants would also reflect this rebellious nature. The descendants of Canaan indeed became some of the most wicked people to ever live on the earth (i.e. the people of Sodom and Gomorrah).

The curse of Canaan is an excellant example warning fathers to raise their children using godly principles. If this is not done in one generation, then generations to come will express their rebellious nature as seen in the wickedness of Canaan’s descendants.