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Originally Posted by LACA335i View Post
i rather have either black or female to be our next president.. just my opinion only .. I dont want to see another stupid republician running for 4 more years. we dont need another blood bath in the middle east.. DUde I want our Troops out. lets thos middle eastern countries take care themself. Who care if they want to kill each other for oil. The world have too many folks and we are killing our planet. We polluted our own atm.. alot of the ice cap in the south pole is melting.. We are going to die by water flooding the coast line.. WHo care about the oil. screw it.. time for change for Bio fuel or soemthing does not warm the atm
finally back on topic.
republican or dem...if they would just fork for the people of this country not their stupid ideas and realizing that they were trusted by the citizens and should not exercise vetos whenever majority diagrees with them...
\I am not sure any politician can do that any more...