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Just as it seems there is a complete lack of anything new someone always gets just a tiny tidbit more of progress or information. It is never the bloody Full Monty, just a tiny tidbit . So now we have officially unofficial incomplete "orders". I agree it sounds like NA just getting Group some preliminary information about what folks want. Nonetheless I would be excited if it was me "placing my order". Hopefully, on a selfish note, the dealers are also passing along a lot of, "Get the M-DCT complete as my list is shrinking" comments.

Forsaken and Xcellere: Congrats on a fantastic in/out color combo. SG/FR is at the top of my list should I eventually "be allowed" to pull the trigger by BMW. All the waiting, delay, hype, makes it seem like a damn Ferrari.

Hmmm, last but not least, I hope those handing over their specs are only moving forward with full cancellation rights subject to complete disclosure of pricing, base and options!

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