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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
You don't recognize sarcasm when you see it? Of course I know they wouldn't pay to move you if they disliked you. I was using sarcasm to indicate how WE don't like you.

And, chief, seeing as Walmart is a "Fortune 100" company, that really isn't too much indication of your standing. I've worked for a Fortune 100 company, and a Fortune 500 company (very nearly a 100). It's not that impressive of a claim, is it? So quit stroking yourself.
I would be glad to explain it to you. Here are some of benefits (just a few):
1) Job security (in general)
2) Benefits
3) Future
4) Customer acceptance
5) opportunities within
6) Job and progress training
7) career alignment
8) worldwide presence and transfers
9) employee satisfaction

I am glad you do understand that WM is a top company, what you missed to understand is that the people you deal at walmart are most likely same level as you are. The people that lead the company and who really enjoy the 100 thing are behing, with the degrees or with years of service.
You also fail to understand that the consumer sales company is very different from the Semiconductors or technology fortune company...

Also, what you really fail to understand is that more you reply here, the more you show how empty you are and prove what I typed in my first reply to your attack...