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On my 330ci I've had 3 different sets of wheels on it while I've been in Albany. My nice set I've kept off for fear of it denting from all the bumps but while I had them on it didn't seem to hurt it too bad. I have the default rims that I bought the car with on it now. No noticeable dings or dents there either. The third pair I've had on the car are steel-wheel rims for winter tires. I've had those on an extended amount of time to save on shipping costs since I store my wheels at my house in Texas. The steel wheels have dented, dinged, and at one point in time almost became square. I had to have the dealership hammer it back circular. So it is definately possible for potholes to hurt and ruin a set of rims but most high quality rims are considerably stronger than steel wheels. So I'm willing to bet you would be 'ok' with 18's. You just have to get use to a choppier ride.