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Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post
The economic exapansion the occured during the Clinton administration was a direct result of technological investments and infrastructure put in place during the Regan administration. That's part of how Arpanet became the Internet.

The "downturn" during the Bush administration is a bit misleading - we've seen record highs and significant economic expansion. But it has lagged Clinton's years, as there was no reinvestment in technology and research. Clinton killed it to pump up the budget and pay for social programs.

Bush did it all right...
Look at a single mishap during his dictatorship -- war in Iraq that is draining a trillion per year (at least). You think that any economy can sustain that especially one that has no health plan, no retirement plans (pensions), no social security plans and 70M people about to retire.
Blame the current situation on who you want -- Clonton, Kennedy, Carter..any Dem... However, the dive we're about to experience and that will be seen and felt 10 years from now is a pure W mistake.

And that is just a single "mishap"
There has been too many of those in the last 6 years and I cannot recall a single positive thing though...