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Originally Posted by fobunited View Post
I don't think the drain on the Economy can so easily be attributed to Bush as so many people believe and proclaim.

Now I am no Bush supporter or advocate, but it is ridiculous to believe so. Just because the economy was on an upswing during Clinton's years does not mean he can take credit for the economy. In fact, Clinton's administration set up much of the downturn in the economy that we are now seeing.
The economic exapansion the occured during the Clinton administration was a direct result of technological investments and infrastructure put in place during the Regan administration. That's part of how Arpanet became the Internet.

The "downturn" during the Bush administration is a bit misleading - we've seen record highs and significant economic expansion. But it has lagged Clinton's years, as there was no reinvestment in technology and research. Clinton killed it to pump up the budget and pay for social programs.

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