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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
OR, they agreed to move you because they dislike your company as much as the rest of us, and those 4/30k people were the only ones who could stand you?

And you actually DON'T know how much I make, or why would you have made some ridiculous comment about $40,000 not being that good? I make far, FAR more than that, so if that's your 'knowledge' you're as wrong as ever.

I think you're just projecting your Freudian love of monkey's onto me, since your 'monkey argument' still has no value, no weight, and no meaning.
HA, I was hoping that your empty head will trick you into the comment like this...
You know, the Fortune 100 companies (as any other companies that eemploy worthy and educated individuals) do not need to transfer someone and pay over 100k in transfer fees (moving, hose sale costs...) if they dislike him/her. They can them. But again, how could a miserable creature like you could know the real world policies...

Monkey wants more banana or is full now?

EDIT: and oh, yes, we ALL know how much techie at the Bimmer makes and how can it be compared to a MSEE with 10+ years of exp at the Fortune 100 company...too many zeroes for you to count wrench monkey...