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Originally Posted by Keto View Post
Mmm, looking at the price sheet, and Euro members chime in please:

Is extended leather $2150 on top of the $1450 for leather? Or if you get premium package is it different, ie, an additional $700?
In Germany extended leather costs 50% more than leather, so $2,150 is the total price for the ext leather, not on top of the €1,450.

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Well, that could mean that the base audio system in the M3 must be the Logic 7 and not the HiFi, for this Enhanced Premium Sound (Individual Audio) option to be priced at $700.
The base system is the HiFi system. The sheet davo posted says 10 speakers and 200 Watt, Logic7 has 13 speakers and in total about 350 Watt. So the $700 probably are for the Logic7, Individual Audio seems not (yet) to be mentioned in that sheet.

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