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Originally Posted by SCA
:Believe what you will, but I do not foresee an SMG or DSG type trans being offered anytime in the near furture in a $12,000-$20,000 automobile.
Do you know how much the SMG I cost on a BMW (when it was around)? About $200-300 premium over the automatic/ a result, it's *quite* foreseeable in the far future. I say 'far future' solely because there is the potential for quite a bit of technological advancements on the transmission.

The upper SMG models for the M series are of course higher quality and hence more expensive than the typical wankermatic.

Even Audi ended wankermatics for the DSG on their A3. Why DSG hasn't completely eclipsed the wankermatic for other models such as the A4 is still a mystery.
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