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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
You still don't make any sense, chief. You're not an effective argument maker. Your monkey references are only funny or effective in your own feeble mind. And times change. I was hard up for money some time ago, and I wanted to change jobs. But times have changed, and now I'm doing just fine. I live in LA, some of the highest cost of living in the US. You live in Texas, some of the lowest cost. You could make exactly the same money I do and afford more shit out there, so you don't have a lot of room to argue that point.
Hence, my monkey argument holds...
That is (AGAIN and AGAIN) the difference between using brain and suto reaction -- thinking. You may understand it one day, or at least start "connecting" dots...

As for my Texas living and so on...first of all -- thanks for following my progress, a secret admirer
FYI, joining the Fortune 100 company is a success as it is, but then, to have them agree to transfer you from the head office (with 30k people) to a satellite office (with 4 people, to an elite department) on your own request is just another prove of respect and trust and success. But again, you may not understand it at all.
Also, FYI, Boca has three of 10 most expensive sub-divisions in the country; #1 is right here. It is more expensive than LA in general. Of course, I would not waste my money of something like that even if I had.
And don't try to impress me (us) with you secretive huge tech salary...we all know how much the tech at the dealership makes (approx), not impressive at all...

Seriously, some people are getting upset we hijacked the thread...