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You really do have delusions of grandeur, don't you? Let's break this down some more, so you can understand the little bits and pieces.

Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
First of all -- you know nothing, as we already discussed and proved many times.

You've never done anything of the sort. You're just trying to sound more interesting than you are.

Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Second, as for the liar...I went through the DYI section and there are many names there, but the "Resident Tech" nowhere to be found posting a DYI...not lately...I guess ran out of the ideas kiddo...
I don't have an E90 any longer, so how do you expect me to post DIY's? I answer questions that people ask me through PM. Nice try looking for ammo in your futile volley of bullshit.

Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
So, lets rewind: you only keep saying I know nothing about anything and that I am stupid because of a few grammar and spelling errors in my non-native tongue... and that I don't deserve to live in the USA because I despise current president for all that he did to this country and for what he set my children up...
This one is close to correct, but you're missing the big picture. You DON'T know anything, about anything. You simply latch on to things and run with it, like a college freshman with a "cause". You don't truly understand the things you argue for, you just think you agree and so spout your verbal (or textual) diarrhea. And I say you don't deserve to live here because you don't EVER express what it is you enjoy about this country, you just bitch about the same things over and over. I disagree on principal with people like you. You can't ever enjoy the multitude of benefits you recieve living in this 'dictatorship'. If America is NOT the best country on the planet, as you've continually stated, why do you live here? Go live in the best one.

Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
On the other hand, you know it all, but just in a few posts I have proven to you that you lack knowledge about how the college and graduate studies system works in this country, I showed you that getting excited over opening the cell phone does not mean you could build one, hopefully opened your eyes that being a mechanic is really a job that you can train monkey to do, shown you that not buying a top of the line 3er does not really mean I could no afford the 5er, you want to continue?
You, again, didn't do anything of the sort. You're just wishing you could have. So not knowing that YOU specifically didn't have to write a thesis means that I don't know anything about college. ok. So saying "oo a cellphone is all about sw not hw!!" means you really 'schooled' me about those complicated little bits of plastic and silicon? I've written SW, thanks. I can program, thanks. You don't know anything, you're just hoping. And you've done NOTHING to show ANYONE that being a mechanic is easy. Especially since your brilliant degree en-triplicate ass can't fix a car. And you haven't shown you can afford a five, you just roll a base 325 and claim to have chosen it, not settled for it.