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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
Oh, and another thing...

your "accomplishments family-wise"... all you can have done is introduce more children to an overpopulated world and country, and are now bringing up children in a country you don't agree with. Also, I pity, to no end, any child that has to be raised within 100 km of you, let alone by you.

Thank God 'stupid' isn't contagious. Except it IS hereditary. So bummer for them.
PLease take away that picture...cross eyed ugly dumb f-er...

My youngest child has probably accomplished more than you did by she has already screwed a few light bulbs and played with a wrench...

Again -- show me where I disagreed with "this country" instead of with the Admin, and you win... Ah, wait, you don't understand the difference here, never mind...