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Originally Posted by ///Matt View Post
You realize that claims of such "accomplishments" over a message board are as useless as tits on a man, right?

I know I'm a quality human being, and a useful member of society, as well as a supportive citizen.

I know you're a pathological liar who thinks he's special, and hates that country that gives him a life he enjoys.

You'll never convince me otherwise, and you'll never convince anyone around you that you're a contributing member of society, so you can basically just choke on a member.
Actually, I really do not need to convince you nothing as you're just a plain empty headed rat in my eyes...and from that picture -- an ugly one...

I have convinced others, that really matter and that signed my diplomas and my paychecks.

First of all -- you know nothing, as we already discussed and proved many times.
Second, as for the liar...I went through the DYI section and there are many names there, but the "Resident Tech" nowhere to be found posting a DYI...not lately...I guess ran out of the ideas kiddo...

So, lets rewind: you only keep saying I know nothing about anything and that I am stupid because of a few grammar and spelling errors in my non-native tongue... and that I don't deserve to live in the USA because I despise current president for all that he did to this country and for what he set my children up...

On the other hand, you know it all, but just in a few posts I have proven to you that you lack knowledge about how the college and graduate studies system works in this country, I showed you that getting excited over opening the cell phone does not mean you could build one, hopefully opened your eyes that being a mechanic is really a job that you can train monkey to do, shown you that not buying a top of the line 3er does not really mean I could no afford the 5er, you want to continue?

Another great ecxample of how egoistic you are is the "sick" 3er you had...LOL Be real man...

I guess, as a masochist -- you will have a reply to this one again