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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
We already know from NA dealer option lists that leather and Nav are both optional (extended leather is another option). Best recent estimates based on military pricing estimates (unofficial documents, apparently) is $56-58k base. Have you been following along? Lots of discussion on all of these points. I wouldn't hold your breath for the $55k figure!
I missed the issue of military pricing (did not know we had any documents whether official or unofficial). Did anyone compare similarly optioned 550i compared to M5? I know some have just taken the base 550i and M5 price delta and done the math that way, but not with options taken into account.

If no leather and Nav standard then I am still guessing $55,850 base plus destination and gas guzzler (whatever that might wind up being). With normal options (premium package, cold weather, comfort access) plus the guzzler tax it will be a $64K price - slightly less than the RS4 price with similar equipment. The 3-way suspension will probably add another $1500 and Nav another $2K so many will be ordered up to near $70K. Yikes!
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