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Originally Posted by THE JEDI View Post
I can answer the question about the 6fl price...and don't's $350 from the factory........because you have to purchase the cord from the dealer and they charge 50 bucks in most cases...I know this because the Military sales guy told me.....he also said the reason that the cars coming thru Military sales don't have things like car not to let the dealers make money on after's because the ships the cars are shipped on are like pirate ships...anything not bolted down will be taken...the 6FL IS 350 + 50 FOR THE HOOKUP make sure ya dealer aint hitting ya twice fellas.....I swear to ya..thats why..oh the big advantage of the 6fl it's gives you total intergration my wifes 330 has the aux standard and it's good but damn i hate having to look down to change my music on my ipod it really is a fracking pain..not to mention dangerous
That's incorrect in the USA... the $400 MSRP/$365 invoice includes the cable. The dealer parts department should give the cable free of charge to owners once the car is delivered.

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