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Originally Posted by BMWE90 View Post
Oh please here we go with the "classiness". Pats have none and neither do most of their fans. You guys were talking so much smack before about how Colts almost lost to the Chiefs even though they had a bunch of injured starters. Now that your team won by 3 points all of a sudden it's "oh show some class."

Look, I have nothing against the Pats. They are a great team I will admit that. Im just pointing out some things that would just fly by because all the Pats fans here will be too embarassed to admit. This goes to show that when you talk smack about a team, it's only right for their fans to rebut.
haha, ok sure we almost lost. The Eagles were doing great. But look at Brady's stats, he still got great yards and a lot of his passes were the receivers dropping easy passes.

Now with the Colts it wasnt only that they nearly lost to the Chiefs, it's the fact that they practically fell apart after vsing New England. Sure guys were injured, but Brady has done amazing without the recievers he had this year.

My main point was not against the Colts, but Manning and how he gets praised even by doing bad. Wait till tomorow analyzers will be predicting an end to our great year etc. That was my point.

Now if the Pats do bad next game, then sure they are in the same boat as the Colts. But if they bounce back then what I said still stands.