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Crazy Night S5 & M5

why are all the nice cars out on the palisades after 2 am lol. going pass a gas station on palisades i saw a m5 getting out. so i slowed down and after messin around he got the idea i wanted to run; young guy too and im not sure if the p500 would matter or not compared to my stock car.

so 4th gear at 2k rpm just like a dyno, dsc/dtc off, ds mode we floor it. surprisngly i got the jump but after 5-10 mph he is off like a rocket. we did a few more runs and same result. so he gets off at exit 5s. i keep driving and up ahead i see at first a 335i sedan.

i get closer and voila a S5 . from a distance it soo looks like a 335i sedan until you see the quad tips. this was a young guy too. so again we got down to 4th gear, 2k rpm, etc and gunned it and once again i got the jump. but the s5 i got lead from 20-30mph and he was out. once we slowed down i cut him off to get on my exit and damn those leds are sexy and the interior from the outside looks very lit with all those buttons. s5 ain't lookin that bad imo but 335i all the way.

just wanted to share. gnite guys.