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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
For those that have done Military sales. When does the final payment have to be made? Does the car still fall under the BMW 4 year service plan?

I have an April allocation (est.) for pickup at San Diego BMW. I didnt quite understand if I am paying for the car through San Diego BMW when I pick my M3 up. Or am I paying Pentagon Car Sales sometime before pickup?

My experience is deposit before getting on the waiting list. Big deposit ($4000-5000) before the car goes into the build. Full payment before shipping.

If the car is delivered to the US, you get the full BMW US service / warrantee plan. If the car is delivered or shipped elsewhere you get either a 2 year international plan or sometimes longer depending on the countries BMW / governmental policy.

In terms of payment. My checks were always made out to BMW. Not the military or local dealer.

Comments on other things that were mentioned.
I actually got the shipping invoice directly from BMW in addition to the military MSRP sheet. Man... the military dealers are still making good money off of us.

The best dealer I've had to work with was the BMW dealer in Korea. The cars are sold directly from BMW Korea... US or Korean specs. No tax, shipping, registration, service headaches. And no part time salesmen.. complete professionals.