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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Good discussion here too bad the thread is "SMG..."

I am also concerned to not have seen a DCT spy shot yet. But I also have some reasoning to lead me to believe that this does not mean the system is delayed or won't be available until significantly after we suspect.

All of the hype with masked mules and the debut, in multiple countries is OVER. Getting an interior shot of the DCT in testing, although of interest to serious spy photographers or enthusiasts, just is not that big of a deal. Hence no spy shots. I do think that folks should have at least HEARD the system at the N'ring.

Don't think I could hold out to 09 myself...
True, people are not as curios as they were before. But one would have thought someone would have leaked something by now though.

That said, I am sure there are DCT cars running around. If you remember my other post on this, a German member spoke to a Getrag person who drove one and told him it is fantastic.

Actually, I guess technically speaking, nothing has been "delayed" since they never officially announced anything about DCT to begin with, right?