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I called it out correct from the beginning and in this post. 1) somewhere in all the college football post, I said LSU would run out of gas at the end, they played in the SEC and played against some tough opponent (heisman type player like tebow, mcfadden, woodson). I knew it was a fight to the finish against arkansas because it is a rival game. Glen Dorsey had no business playing in this game. Look at his last 3 games, the number of tackle he has has dropped significantly because he is not 100% yet miles lets him play. No sacks for him for a long time that I can remember. I cann believe I am still alive to post here after watching the last 5 LSU games. Les Miles can go to michigan and give LSU 1.2 million on the buy out of his contract

I still think OSU has a weak schedule this year.
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