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I never heard teams complain Michael Jordan scoring too much,
never hear Tiger woods scoring too many birdies when he's up by 10 shots,
never hear schumacher winning by too many laps,
never hear that Federer beat a guy 6-0 too much,
never hear a baseball team scored too many home runs,
never hear a boxer KO'd a guy too fast
never hear a soccer player score too many goals in a game,

except in football, fans whine and cry about the Pats scoring too much. you never hear the defensive players say "oh the pats ran up the score on us", because that would mean they'd have to admit that they cant stop the Pats. So i guess any fan who says "the pats ran up the score" is admitting that even if the other team tried to stop them, the Pats would score anyway. WHICH IS THE GREATEST COMPLIMENT ANYONE CAN GIVE YOUR TEAM!! If i were a pats fan, I'd thank anyone who cries about running up the score.

I'm a dolphins fan, (sadly), and i LOVE watching the New England juggernaut. It's a thing of beauty. Stop hating because you may never see such domination for a long long time.