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Originally Posted by Davo2003 View Post
The following are known factors:

2006 MY Base MSRP 49900
2006 MY MIL Disc 6100

49900 x 12.4 =6187 (so I rounded to 6100 close enough)
So the base MIL price MY 2006 was 49900-6100 or $43800

The following are the most accuarate and recent figures around as I know it. But are NOT in STONE yet...

SO if the newly quoted MIL Base price is 50700 then the price increase is 6900.
6900 x 12.4 = 855
855 (Additional Disc based on higher MSRP) + 50700 (New MIL Price) + 6100 (Previous known Discount) = $57655

That "should" answer all questions about my calculations. If you feel my numbers are flawed, move past the flaming and just post your calculations
Well, first of all, thanks for including all of the important information for us.

Here are the KEY pieces of information:
1. 2006 Base
2. 2006 MIL Base
3. 2008 MIL Base

The logical way of calculating the 2008 Base from this info is quite simple:

(06 Base/06 MIL Base) * (08 MIL Base) = 08 Base

Plugging in Numbers:

(49900/43800) * (50700) = 57760

While this is essentially the same number you quote, your inferences and assumptions to come up with your calcuations are somewhat convoluted. I think it would have been much more straightforward with far less flaming to just post raw numbers and let people on here come up with various calcuations.

Your known numbers aren't flawed, just the design of your calculations.
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