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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Let's cut to the chase...

1. Is the $50.7k figure firm or nor?

2. Your estimate of the Coupe, non-Military base price is then:

$50.7k/(1-.124) - $1k = $56.9k or...
($50.7k - $1k)/(1-.124) = $56.7k

You'll just have to be CRYSTAL clear here.

3. How much of a +/- would you place on the 12.4% figure?
The following are known factors:

2006 MY Base MSRP 49900
2006 MY MIL Disc 6100

49900 x 12.4 =6187 (so I rounded to 6100 close enough)
So the base MIL price MY 2006 was 49900-6100 or $43800

The following are the most accuarate and recent figures around as I know it. But are NOT in STONE yet...

SO if the newly quoted MIL Base price is 50700 then the price increase is 6900.
6900 x 12.4 = 855
855 (Additional Disc based on higher MSRP) + 50700 (New MIL Price) + 6100 (Previous known Discount) = $57655

That "should" answer all questions about my calculations. If you feel my numbers are flawed, move past the flaming and just post your calculations
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