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the loaded csl has many high tech stuff in there. the magazine that really displayed the m3 was i believe bimmer magazine. some very complex stuff like the traction device it has custom tuned. in brief it dumbs out the engine and you have a dial on the traction module wet, 10%, 20%, etc. very very neat and really custom fit for that car.

damn if i only won the lottery. one of my cars in my drive way along with the csl idea you guys know about is this

C/F Flossman Widebody
Vorsteiner: C/F roof, vented hood, and rear diffuser without the exhaust cutouts.
Custom SS x4 80mm tips on the side with side protection along with stepped headers, etc.
other minors such as c/f badges, side grill, kidney, c/f all engine compartment such as battery cover, housings, etc along with c/f engine cover, radenergie c/f strut, etc.

for daily driving oem front+rear csl seats alogn with front and rear center consoles, also oem csl doors. weight savings = remove all seats but driver and add a roll cage--->more hardcore remove a/c, navi, etc.

hpf turbo, aa s/c 2 gen 3, custom d/a, bhs stage 2 w/ fully built internals or you can go to n/a way with c/f airbox and cams with custom ecu tuning from aa/ d/a.

motons are overkill for road but if you spendin this much might as well add them kwv2 or v3 will work just fine along with re arms, g/c bushings, shims, etc.

neez qd7 or custom dymags on ps2/f1

possibilities are endless and i can keep going but that should give a general idea

one day my dreams will come true

my dream car garage:
1. custom m3 csl
2. custom m3 gtr
3. custom 997 gt2
4. custom audi r8/997 turbo
5. x5