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Originally Posted by Davo2003 View Post
Maybe this will further explain it, I am not a math wiz, far from it. These numbers below are hypothetical , only to illustrate my reasoning. (Jesus, you guys are making me work for this post!)

Known factors are:

2006 MY MSRP 50,000
MIL Discount 10% = MIL sales price $45000

So if I was provided a known 2008 MY MIL Price of $54900 and $61000 10% = $54900 then $61000 (+ another 1,000 perhaps) is the civilian MSRP. The plus 1,000 is due to the fact that the increase in MSRP will most certainly produce a discount greater than 10% as was the case for MY 2006 in my scenario. Again these numbers are only to illustrate my reasoning. your excitement you missed this last part in bold italic. But, get out your calcualtors, it works out to 12.4% near as I can figure, and that IS according to known previous discounts and that is how I came up with my CIV base MSRP number...then I added a grand I think for good that I wouldn't be underestimating. Hope that helps clarify things. Sorry for my initial cryptic posts, I just didn't feel like gloating or being an e-hero or disclosing all the info in one whack...but, now you have it.
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