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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I understand (sort of) that you don't want to scan and or post what you have. But the big question I have is what you have and how you determined the values you posted.

1. As far as I know there is no strict % increase from Military pricing to non-Military pricing. The % varies by the model even in the BMW line up. Correct?
2. Do you have Military or non-Military pricing?
3. If you have Military how did you choose the CRITICAL % mentioned above.
4. Did you use the same rules to convert option prices?

Thanks much for the good info. and for sharing.
Some of your questions are answered above.

When I asked MIL sales for a price sheet on a 335i many months ago, I was surprised to learn that the options were no longer discounted, only the MSRP, so yes, those option prices should be for all concerned.

As far as how I arrived at the civilian base MSRP, the percent discount off the 2006 MY M3 was X percent, so I added that same percent discount to their discounted price they just gave me, then added the price increase difference between the MY 2006 MIL price and the MY 2008 MIL price, which gave me the civilian MSRP I mentioned in the OP. Simple numbers, if the discount remains proportional in percentage points to the MY 06, then I should be pretty close. Hope that makes some sense.
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