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Exclamation Breaking News -M3 Base Price/Options Info -"Sourced Est."

As many of you know, I am going through MIL sales. I do not want to quote the MIL sales price estimate exactly. Many of you will be able to figure it out anyway. But, based on the updated estimate and official MIL sales literature I received a few moments ago I can clear up a few things perhaps. Please understand it is MY belief these numbers/must be close to ground truth due to the source. I am not trying to be an e-hero here so Epacy don't flame me

Base Price - 57.5K plus or minus a few hundred dollars. +delivery + Tax

I did get options package info and dollar estimates and groupings. No surprises except the following. Some are surprises, some are confirmation of suspicions already made on this board.

Base audio system appears to be the same 10 speaker 200 watt system found in the 328i. The upgrade audio (probably to HK Logic 7 Surround) IS listed as a stand alone option for the US market at $700.

Comfort Access is included in the Technology Package but was ALSO listed as a stand alone option at $500.

The power moonroof was NOT listed as a NO COST option, it was $1050.
EDC and 19" were close to predictions at $1400 each. Of course EDC is in the technology Pkg but is $1400 if purchased as a stand alone option.

Last but not least, as I understood it, the US market will NOT be affected by the Euro-Dollar fluctuations to any great degree.
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