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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
In my recent view leaning toward >$60k base I have not fully considered the lack of these very "basic" options. Leather for sure. I'm not sure I am glad the car is even offered without it. This may appeal to some very hardcore enthusiasts who really want a zero optioned car, but then again it is almost embarrasing for BMW to offer such a car without leather. You can the glass half full thinking this helps keeps the base low, or half empty in that BMW wants to gouge for every little basic option. I tend to take the latter view as their margin on leather will be >>> their margin on the vehicle! You may have me shifting my best guess back below $60k!

I think $2800-$3500 is a reasonable guess for M-DCT.

lucid: Did you leave out gas guzzler tax on purpose? I don't think it will escape. What you do think?

But Swamp, they've always offered the ///M without leather ( least where the E46 is concerned), so why would it bother you now if they continued this theme? I am one of those individuals who would much rather have the speed cloth, but I do realize that I may be in the minority in relation to other forum members. I'd actually be more pissed off if BMW forced me to accept leather when I truly would rather do without it.