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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Well done....

This helps show why the M3 that doesnt come with leather or 19"'s standard is going to be well under 60K. Probably 57K.

With these two options alone the new M3 is priced with its competition.

In my recent view leaning toward >$60k base I have not fully considered the lack of these very "basic" options. Leather for sure. I'm not sure I am glad the car is even offered without it. This may appeal to some very hardcore enthusiasts who really want a zero optioned car, but then again it is almost embarrasing for BMW to offer such a car without leather. You can the glass half full thinking this helps keeps the base low, or half empty in that BMW wants to gouge for every little basic option. I tend to take the latter view as their margin on leather will be >>> their margin on the vehicle! You may have me shifting my best guess back below $60k!

I think $2800-$3500 is a reasonable guess for M-DCT.

lucid: Did you leave out gas guzzler tax on purpose? I don't think it will escape. What you do think?