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If you watch the video closely you will notice that the time was not set on a closed circuit, but rather on a track day. I addition to the cold weather there was traffic to contend with, albeit rather light. Richard was considering aborting the attempt after slowing for the firs car at Schedenkreuz, but carried on. When he slowed for the second car just after Bergwerk heading up Kesselschen, he was sure a good time was out of reach, and the final blow was passin the car in Galgenkopf.

He was pleasantly surprised with the time, and is sure there are a good few seconds to be found.

We lost a bit of time reparing damage to the splitter, but otherwise, the day went quite smoothly.

The KW suspension, dialed in by Tom Schirmer was probably the most significant change in the car. The brakes were changed to AP Racing with Performance friction rotors and pads.

The engine was not touched by Tom, and apparently has a fair few hard km on it!
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