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Someone School me on Stalin and Hitler's regime

So, i have a paper due on wednesday on: The political regimes of both Hitler and Stalin were responsible for immense cruelty toward the peoples they ruled, both in their respective homelands and in the countries they occupied. Under Hitlerís leadership, Nazi Germany killed more than 11,000,000 people in the Holocaust, including more than 6,000,000 Jews; at least an additional 4 million more died as Nazi prisoners of war. During Stalinís rule, tens of millions of Soviet citizens perished in the famine caused by the collectivization of agriculture, were executed in purges, or died in the gulag. Hence, understanding the factors that generated these regimes is of fundamental importance to comparative politics.
Utilizing the materials provided in course readings and lectures, compare and contrast the main theoretical, political, and socioeconomic institutions of the Nazi and Soviet regimes. Which causal factor, in your view, is more important in explaining the origins and power of these institutions: the interests of those who supported them, or their search for new identities?
Please include a sentence, somewhere in your first paragraph, that begins with the words: "In this essay I will argue that...," followed by a clear and specific statement of your thesis. As always, be careful with your grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

So i have a lot of info from my lectures and classes and notes. but i still can't seem to grasp a good enough of a thesis to get the ball rolling on this topic. Anybody a whiz w/ the Hitler Stalin regimes that can give me some major points that i should be sure to include in my paper? Thanks for the help!