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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
No doubt. You are correct. But do not say Brady needs him in order to be doing good. I think with Stalleworth, Welker and a few others they would easily be 9-1 or maybe even still 10-0. The defense is crazy right now aswell.

Brady has had mediocre receivers and won Superbowls. So sure in Mannings case he needs good recievers. Brady not the case, he just has skill.
I never said Brady needs Moss to do well, I'm just saying a large reason why his numbers are what they are right now is because of Moss. You can argue that their first superbowl should've never happened with that tuck rule. But regardless, they won the game. I'm just playing the devils advocate here but until late last season and this season Manning has never had a defense to rely on. Brady has always been an awesome qb but also could rely on a very good defense during those championship years. In addition, I think Moss is a much better receiver in terms of skill than Harrison is, and thats saying a lot.
I'm just trying to defend Manning a bit here because you seem to be attacking his skills. With the number of injuries their team as suffered its amazing they're still winning games. Think about it, almost their whole o-line is injured, they're on their 3rd or 4th string left tackle. Numbers 1,3,and 4 receivers injuired....

if and when all players on both teams are healthy, it should be a fun game to watch in the playoffs.