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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
There has never been a 16-0 team for the season. Dolphins went 14-0 since there was 2 less games in the 70's. Then they went 17-0 and Superbowl win.

But I agree that record needs to be broken even if it wasn't the Patriots this year I would cheer a 10-0 team on, unless it was Indy.

Reason being is that whole Dolphins team and Shula are douchebags. They think they are the shit and are really pompous about it and then Shula says shit about Patriots record tainted? WTF is that bullshit.

Also, one quick fact, None of the teams they went against in the season were playoff teams and had horrible win/loss records.

Werd, i stand corrected...forgot they only played 14 games then...

I do hope the Patriots have a perfect season, going to make the Superbowl a huge huge hit...esp. if they play against Dallas

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