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Originally Posted by Corey View Post
I used to play for a little over a year. It was fun for a while but once you hit the level cap and start raiding it becomes more like a job than a game. Waking up at 2pm.. pvping for 6 hours just so I didn't lose my rank, pushing naxx until 8am then passing out. I had the second Widow's Embrace in the world. I quit shortly after.

<Vicious Cycle>
Yep, I had learned my lesson from Evercrack... can't play too much... WoW is a ton of fun, but I promised myself that as soon as it felt like a job or I was obligated to play it in some way I would quit.

I was a priest, hit level 60, and had fun for about a month just casually playing every few days. Then one day I get a tell from a guildmate talking about some raid the next day and asked If I could make it. I had plans but told him I should be on around 9pm so count me in if it's not too late, about 30 seconds pass, then I get a /reply "can you make it a little sooner?"

Yep... Time to quit. I didn't log on at all that next day, that weekend I did one more of the those super fun instance dungeon crawls. I didn't pick up any loot, then gave away everything I could. Took a few bird flights here and there just admiring how polished the artwork and game in general was. Then I logged out and canceled my account for good.

I just don't have time for video games like I used to. Now I only play single player games, maybe 2-3 hours a week, more in the winter. I am so much happier doing it. These games have beginnings, they have endings, and an actual story instead of an illusion of one. Playing one for 70 hours is a long time and enough to complete most of them, not just a blip on your ever expanding character 'on to the next carrot' progression cycle that is what keeps so many people eternally playing these games.

WoW was so much fun though, It really is a great game. You will enjoy it.


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