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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Okay I will give you my real reasoning.....

Your points are well made but I still stand by my estimate of 57K. Which by the way is more than what Military Sales is expecting by 2-3K grand. I think I have told this before but the estimates Military Sales uses come from BMW. The discount price of 49K through Military Sales is the required price given to the various BMW Military Sales programs in order to establish a contract with a given Military Customer. Thus this explains why both BMW Military Sales programs that I know use the same estimate. Those of us on this program already have signed orders for the car. Granted, the contract stipulates that the price may increase or decrease when official pricing is announced.

Also, the Military Sales estimates rarely are off by more than 1-2 grand. For example, the estimated price for the 335i through Mil Sales was right on. Another example, a fellow Marine asked me to find out what the Military Sales price was for the 135i about a month ago. My sales rep told me that they were taking pre-orders at around 31K with the discount. Without the 5-6% discount you get about 33k as the estimated price. So Mil Sales was off by about 2K for the 135i.

In my personal opinion BMW is going to have the last laugh on this one. The faults that exist in the new M3 could almost be overlooked at a 55K price tag or even at 57K. Although I also believe the 55-57K MSRP will be with almost no standard options. Not even leather. If leather and 19" were standard like on the RS4 then that alone would push the MSRP to over 60K (with my $56,999 estimate) but we both know that both those options are not standard. That alone makes me think the MSRP is going to be less than 60K.


57k is not an unrealistic expectation. I'd say there is good chance it will come in at 57k-59k. My current thinking, after seeing that leather is not standard, is that we are looking at more like 58k. However, it is unrealistic to think it will come in at or under 55k. As Swamp is saying, it makes no sense to price it there given where the competition is. The low volume point has merit for the RS4, but this new MB is a C class; they must be planning to sell thousands. Even if you leave the C class point alone, I see several AMGs every day on my way to work. I rarely see any RS cars. Regardless, it would be interesting to get a hold of some unit projections for the C63 AMG.

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