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Originally Posted by westwest888 View Post
I've got a $200 bet with someone that it's low 50s. I think we agreed on $53,999.99 or less. I don't think I'm going to lose.

<OT>I'll also take bets with anyone that the we'll see Dow 10,500 or less and S&P 1175 or less by the end of this decade.

And for that matter, that the national median home price as measured by Case/Shiller S&P falls 33% from its peak (peak was around $230,000 but I'd have to double check).</OT>

If you think about it, the OP and the OT are related in that they determine a person's willingness / ability to pay. The good times are still rolling and everyone is still working, but there's some economic trouble ahead that not even the masters of the universe can contain.

Agreed, I sense a fellow economist in our midst.

IMO, the estimates for the new M3 have become way over inflated some how. I think mostly because MB and Audi are selling there relatively low volume AMG's and R models, respectfully, at a significant premium (65K thereabouts). And, the M3's high sales volume (read supply and demand) in the USA is simply being disregarded by the media and most journalists that did better in English than Economics in school.

The bottom line is that we will all just have to wait and see.

But ask yourselves this.

What would you think if the M3 was 55k MSRP?

My opinion, the M3 would be the best bang for the buck luxury sports car in existence. A title the M3 has had for years.

Do you think BMW could sell 50,000 of these babies at 55k?

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