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Originally Posted by Los Angeles View Post
It's cyclical in the short-run but, in the long-run it's still going downward compared to the Euro.

I guess the always-growing national debt is of no concern either.
I agree, this time it is very different.
We're drained and in a very bad position.
On the other side China has no deb and $1.5 trillion cash in reserves --> release that and Euro will be $5. Russia has no debt and their reserves are growing. We have almost $10 trillion of debt that we don't care about as the world power. Our debt is growing rapidly and other countries and business are looking more and more the other way to invest. And all out Prez and Admin are talking about are new wars and more spending...

This is very different and although the economy is very cyclical process, I doubt the dollar will ever (or soon) be above Euro (as it was at one point in 2000).