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BMW definitely has a supercar project under development, but the info from Autospies sounds bogus. It just shows that whoever wrote the piece has no clue about what he's talking about.

1. The E92 M3 is enough a car to compete with the AMV8 and 997 Carrera variants.

2. Goodwood will and only produce RRs. Anything with a Roundel will not come out from Goodwood.

3. A lightweight, mid-engined supercar with a 5.5L 550hp V10 will not have a price tag to compete with the AMV8 or 997.Think F430 and Gallardo SE.

4. "Equipment will include a carbonfibre folding roof, active spoilers and a downforce-generating venturi underbody." The wording of this sentence just makes the whole piece less credible.