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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
In the complete absense of contradictory evidence comparing the E46 and S4 wet cornering speeds I find it very amusing that you call BS on the results. What basis other than your opinion and pure speculation do have to call "BS"? E92 M3 vs. RS4 results do not validate nor invalidate E46 M3 vs. S4 tests! So in short my skeptical nature tells me it is simply not a fact, never to be questioned, that all AWD cars are faster through wet corners than all RWD cars. When phrased that way wouldn't you agree it is probably rubbish? It is very close to your statement . Furthermore, I find it very amusing that you as an Audi owner call BS on the test by a magazine that places a major competitor above an Audi and yet praise the other test BY THE SAME MAGAZINE which finds results for almost the exact same test in favor of the Audi.

Again to be clear I am not saying AWD and the great Quattro system the Audi uses is not a significant advantage in many traction limited circumstances. But "Quattro" does not mean by holy proclamation "outperforms RWD in all metrics".

Let me explain how the test was conducted and I will leave it up to you to decide whether it's a true reflection of both cars abilities. The test was carried out on a public road, both cars had to stay on their own side of the road and the person carrying out the test was using his own M3 long term car.

When you are limited to staying on the one side of the car you are not exactly pushing the limits of traction in either car plus the fact that the person doing the test happens to be overly familiar with one example doesn't exactly lead to an objective result, now does it.

The test carried out on the E92 M2 was conducted on a track under identical conditions and in this it proved the advantage that the RS4 and quattro has over the M3 and rwd. In fact the same test was carried out on the 335 a few months earlier and produced almost identical results to the M3, proving that in such conditions awd and in fact even fwd cars provide quicker times as the Ford Focus ST220 was in itself over 3 seconds quicker than the M3.

But again this is getting away from the objective of my original post which was to say that what time a car gets compared to another is not that important in my opinion.