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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
So, it seems like the European bought M3s were not given an option to have the Cup tires come OE. Which brings me to ask this question:

If we get that option over here in the states, how many Euro M3 owners will go ape-shit?

I ask because it almost seems a bit ironic that we would possibly get the Cup tire option while Europe didn't because I view American street laws and typical driving to be way more toned down and nonchalant. While I personally don't drive slow, and nor would I expect anyone posting on this forum to drive slow either, there are people out there with e46 M3s and e92 335i's that drive very po-dunk. I imagine much of Europe isn't as lax on the streets.
These Cup tires will be OE on european cars (probably by next year), they won't be OE on the U.S. cars though...

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