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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I have owned three 911's, too include the turbo and two E46 M3's. If you need more help, look over at the left at "drives". Does that help you?

I doubt the M will beat the 911S on the ring without the aid of CUP tires, but we've already been there way too many times. I hope that it does, however, for two reasons: 1) I am very likely buying the M (Price?) and want it to perform as goood as it can. 2) Better competition yields better competing products; i.e. Porsche may step up the performance of the fl 911 and subsequent year 911's.

Enough of rehashing this BS again. Do a search if you need more banter. Get a grip on reality. A fair test is a fair test. What I drive, drove or want to drive isn't the motivating factor. Truth in testing is. Porsche 911's and BMW M's are cars that inspire me, period.

To me it seems that it is the arguement for you. Do you like to argue?
Wow dude, you dont need to be so hostile. Relax Devo! Its just cars afterall.