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Originally Posted by footie View Post
The 997S might not have been running CUP tyres but I believe it was using Ceramic brakes.

In any case I feel all tests should be conducted with a few choices, in the case of the M3 we should be able to see the difference in times with 18" and 19" options and what ever tyre options are available, same goes for the other manufacturers.

The only think I do know is that different tyres options like the difference between 18" and 19" or UHP and UHP+ will effect the way the car behaves and it's not necessarily the quickest option that is the most enjoyable one to own and live with.
I hope that you don't actually believe what you posted. You are not talking about 18 or 19" tires, you are talking about street legal race tires (CUP). Yes, any other options avaiable for the car should be used, however, only in the country for which they are available.

The 911 didn't have PCCBs, nor did it have 20mm susp. w/LSD, x51 or CUP tires.