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Originally Posted by Just_me View Post
I can't believe all the talk about R-tires. Sportauto has tested several cars on streetlegal R-tires so the new M3 isn't alone. Audis, Benzes, porsches, ferrari to name a few are cars being tested with streetlegal R-tires.
Why is this a problem now?

If others can "cheat" then so can bmw. And I dont get the fear that M3 is going to be faster than a 911 around N-ring. Noone is going to cancel or sell their 911's becuase of this.
I don't believe that BMW is cheating either. Comparative tests should be conducted on the same type tire; that's all. Any other test is unfair.

You are right, most late model cars have run the Ring on CUP tires. The 911S has not.