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Originally Posted by devo View Post
Agreed that nobody can say BMW cheated, but it still gives the M an unfair track advantage. Flame away!
I think I more or less side with you on this one. Tires are the least expensive and easiest way to drastically change the handling/track performance of a car. One reasonable defintion of an apples to apples comparison is indeed 100% stock vs. 100% stock. However another very interesting apples to apples comparison is stock vs. stock with as similar type of tires as possible, meaning UHP vs. UHP or UHP+ vs. UHP+.

If the E92 M3 ends up besting the 911S on the Ring you may be able to argue that without the tires it would not, or vice versa, if you put equivalent tires on the 911S it would come right back and best the M3.